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Types Of Air Purifiers for Your Home

Air purifiers are convenient household devices that, as their names suggest, purify and cleanse the air. They accomplish this by extracting contaminants from out of the air. Air purifiers can be helpful to all people but are often considered to be especially positive for those who have asthma or those who have allergies. If you're thinking about purchasing an air purifier for your residence, you should review all of the options that are available to you. You can also contact our reputable family-run HVAC company for more information. Our Venice-based business has NATE certification and also is a Bryant dealer with factory authorization. When it comes to air purifiers, we truly know our stuff.

There are numerous options are effective whole-house filters.

Pleated filters are one option. These types of filters are adept at obstructing microscopic particles that are particularly harmful to the lung tissue. If this sounds interesting to you, look for a pleated filter that's electrostatically charged. These kinds of pleated filters are terrific for drawing in typical allergens such as pet dander and pollen. Although these filters sometimes cost a bit more than others, they're generally totally worth the extra money.

Ultraviolet filters are also available. These whole-house filters are a smart option for those who are generally most concerned about the presence of germs. Ultraviolet light is capable of destroying airborne viruses and bacteria. As a result, UV filters are particularly common sights in medical facilities such as hospitals. If you ever happen to visit the tuberculosis section of a hospital, you'll likely see an ultraviolet air filter there.

Electronic filters are yet another strong option in whole-house filters. Another common name for the electronic filter is "electrostatic precipitator." These filters are often integrated into ductwork. When air travels within these filters, single high-voltage currents place electrical charges on the particles. Collector plates with opposite charges then retrieve the particles. These collector plates are situated on the units' other sides. These types of filters are particularly useful for tiny smoke particles. When smoke particles are excessively tiny and therefore cannot be caught inside of media filters, electronic filters are a good idea. These filters differ from media filters in that they don't call for replacements ever. It is important, however, for people who have electronic filters to clean their aluminum collector plates several times a year. These collector plates require cleaning with soapy H20.

Extended media filters, last but not least, are yet another choice in whole-house filters. These filters are shaped like boxes. They consist of filtration media heaps that, as a result, enable them to be stronger and more successful than standard fiberglass filters. If you want to invest in an extended media filter for your residence, you have to get it professionally installed. Extended media filters require annual replacement.

Since maintaining clean air in the home is such an important thing, it's crucial for homeowners to take the process of selecting a whole-house filter extremely seriously. Your goal should be to invest in a whole-house filter that's capable of efficiently retrieving pollen and dust, for example.

As far as the subject of air purification goes, no other company in the Venice, Florida area can assist you better than we can. If you have any questions or concerns regarding air purifiers and whole-house filters, for example, we can provide you with all of the information you could ever possibly need.

Since we're equipped with NATE certification, customers can trust our expertise 100 percent. NATE refers to the HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) technician certification standard. The talented technicians who work for our company have the skills and knowledge necessary to provide our customers with the finest HVAC service around, zero exceptions.

If you need assistance with air purification, our company can be a great asset in your life. Our customers can back up our reliability, as well. Just read all of the glowing reviews we get on a regular basis. As soon as you realize that you need assistance with your air filtration system, let our company know. We can offer you dependable and trustworthy suggestions that can get you on the right path. Contact our company as soon as possible to make an appointment with us. Call or Text us today for more details (941) 203-7955 and don't forget to check out our specials, financing, and rent-to-own air conditioning options. Stay Cool with Mahle!

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Fall Maintenance Tips for Central Air Conditioners in FL

As the cooler air approaches, many homeowners feel a little overwhelmed with everything there is to do to prepare for the change. The one thing you can relax about, though, is your central air conditioner. These do need fall maintenance performed, but the fact is that it is not a difficult task to accomplish. However, ignoring the needs of your AC could leave you stranded when the hot weather comes back. By taking care of it now, you can make sure you and your family will stay cool next summer.

Cool Air Fall Maintenance

First and foremost, if you have a central air conditioner, you will need to call in a professional to perform an inspection on it. This routine maintenance will include a cleaning. While you may be able to change a filter or clean them when needed, many of the parts that need to be inspected and cleaned are actually inside the sealed unit. The professional, who has received the proper training and has the proper tools, will be able to get inside the unit to inspect and clean it.

A professional inspection of your central air conditioner will include a thorough cleaning of the evaporator coil which is located in the part of the unit located inside your home. This is the part that actually cools the air and, if it is clogged with dust and dirt, you may notice that your unit has restricted air flow. In other words, it is not putting out as much cool air as it normally does.

They will also inspect the condenser unit located outside your home. A problem with the condenser will greatly affect the temperatures in your home. Many issues are caused by outside debris getting inside the unit or a low refrigerant level. As this unit is complex and sealed, the professional should be the one to clean it and perform any routine maintenance. Part of their inspection will also include a cleaning of the fan located inside this outside unit.

If you were to simply shut off your central air conditioning unit this fall and turn it back on in the spring, you may be lucky and nothing would be amiss. Unfortunately, this is not often the case. A lot of dirt and debris can get trapped inside air conditioning units while they are in use and, if left this way, it will cause damage when they first start back up. Even if you do not notice anything immediately, over time, you will see symptoms, including reduced air flow.

A common problem among busy homeowners is that they forget to call to have maintenance performed on their system. One solution to this problem is the air conditioning maintenance plan. The plan includes a thorough inspection and cleaning of your central air conditioning unit, and it affords you the luxury of receiving priority when you call in an emergency. If you do find that your system needs servicing, you will receive a discount for having purchased a maintenance plan.

With the colder season arriving soon in Florida, the last thing you want to do is forget about your air conditioner as you will need it as soon as the weather changes again. In fact, living in Florida offers you that chance that you still may need to have your central air conditioning on in the winter. By performing routine maintenance on it this fall, you can be certain that it will be ready to go whenever you need it. Furthermore, by keeping your central air conditioner in good working order, you can save money as it will be more efficient to operate. Call or Text us today for more details (941) 203-7955 and don't forget to check out our specials on a central air conditioner and heating maintenance. Stay Cool with Mahle!

What is NATE certification for HVAC?

NATE is the HVAC industry standard for technician certification. It is a rapidly growing area with promising career opportunities. HVAC industry in the United States is becoming more competitive by the day and clients are always looking for qualified technicians to attend to their problems. No matter how advanced your HVAC is, its performance and durability depend on the skills of the technician who installs and services it.

nate practice examThere is a variety of certifications offered by NATE in some specialty areas within the HVAC industry. It is however not mandatory to possess these certifications but a majority of the contractors are familiar with them, and they are always looking for NATE certified technicians. NATE certification covers three areas in the HVAC industry which include installation, service, and senior. The specialty options under the first two categories include:

  • Air distribution
  • Air conditioning
  • Gas heating
  • Hydronics gas
  • Oil heating
  • Air heat pumps
  • Hydronics Oil
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Light commercial refrigeration

The last category that is Senior, couples with the HVAC Efficiency Analyst certification. A technician must acquire the first two certifications before being Senior Certified.

Before a technician is issued with the certificate, they must pass two written exams, that is, the core exam and the specialty exam. The core exam consists of fifty multiple choice questions, and the candidate must score at least 70% that translates to 35 correct questions out of the possible 50. The core exam covers areas such as safety, applicable science, tools and much more.

The specialty exam on the other hand consist of hundred multiple questions and the candidate is expected to score at least 70% that is the pass mark. The specialty exam covers areas specific to the field of study.

Benefits of NATE certification

  • You get up-to-date knowledge with the changing technology. You also get hands-on experience in handling the latest equipment in the HVAC industry that includes the geothermal systems, hybrid heating, and cooling and the most recent air conditioners.
  • You get updated on the latest practices, especially concerning safety.
  • You get trained to the customer service to ensure you deliver high-quality services.
  • The client can get high-quality service with protection.
  • The customer has the assurance that their components are being handled by competent professionals.

Mahle Cool Air is family owned and for a long time, we have been the first choice of homeowners, contractors and builders owing to our top quality equipment and excellent workmanship. We pay close attention to employing qualified and knowledgeable technicians to work with us. Through good service, we help our clients save money and improve their indoor air quality. As a customer, you enjoy the maximum benefits of being served by NATE certified technicians who are eager to attend to your needs. Call or Text us today for more details (941) 203-7955 and don't forget to check out our specials, financing, and rent-to-own air conditioning options. Stay Cool with Mahle!

How do air conditioners work?

When it gets hot outside, turning on the air conditioner is something that most people do without thinking about it. It is certainly a convenient luxury in our day. Knowing how do air conditioners work leads to appreciating these devices even more.

HVAC heating and air conditioning units

Air conditioners come in all sizes. From small window units in homes to massive multi-story units in commercial buildings, there is a size for every need. Central air conditioners (HVAC) work on the same principles.

Air Conditioners Remove Heat

The basic idea behind an air conditioner is that it removes the heat from a room and transfers it outside. There are four major components in an air conditioner that enable it to work.

The Secret Is in the Coolant

Every air conditioner (AC) uses a chemical that easily changes from a liquid to a gas. It can make this change at rather low temperatures. Whenever it makes the change from a liquid to a gas, it absorbs energy in the form of heat to be able to make the transition. Then, when it transitions back to a liquid, it releases energy in the form of heat.

The Evaporator Coils

Facing the inside of your home is the evaporator coils. This is where the hot air flows over the cold coils, which are low pressure, and turns the liquid into a gas. The fan inside your air conditioner blows the cool air into your home.

The Compressor and Condenser Coils

The compressor unit in an air conditioner compresses the warm gas and pressurizes it, making it hot. This hot gas will then pass through the condenser coils, where it quickly cools. In an HVAC unit, the compressor and coils are located outside. As the gas cools, it releases the heat, and another fan blows the hot air outside. As the heat is released, the gas once again turns back into a liquid.

Because the unit is a closed system, it simply keeps recirculating the gas and liquid, which changes from one state to the other over and over again. A thermostat allows the temperature to be set so that it can be regulated.

The Expansion Valve

In order to keep one side at a higher pressure than the other, an expansion valve is added to the system. This device simply regulates how much coolant flows into the evaporator.

Humidity Is Also Removed

Another excellent feature of an air conditioner is that it removes unwanted humidity. If you look at the cool side of the unit while it is working, you will notice moisture on the coils. This is the humidity in the room condensing on the outside of the coils, which then drops to the bottom of the unit. A drain allows the moisture to pour out toward the outside.

Keeping your home's HVAC unit in good shape is important so that it will work efficiently when needed. Air conditioning experts can keep your home's unit in peak working order. When it is operating correctly, you will be able to save more money. Call or Text us today for more details (941) 203-7955 and don't forget to check out our specials, financing, and rent-to-own air conditioning options.

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Energy Efficient Heat Pumps Save Money All Year

More people are opting to switch to energy efficient heat pumps. There are a number of ways that you can benefit from using a heat pump.
Below is a list of ways that you can benefit from using a heat pump:

Save Money

One of the many reasons that more people are opting to use heat pumps is because they can help them save a lot of money. Heat pumps do not use as much energy as a standard HVAC system. Because they do not use as much energy, they can help cut the cost of your energy bills.

Keep in mind that you can use heat pumps during the summer and winter months. During the winter months, the heat pump will extract the heat from outside and transfer it inside. This process will reverse during the warm months. It will remove the heat from your home and then transfer it outdoors.

Therefore, you will be able to save money during the entire year if you have a heat pump. In fact, many people who have heat pumps do not use their air conditioner or heater.

Very Long Lifespan

In order to ensure that your heat pump lasts a long time, you will need to make sure that you take good care of your heat pump. You will be able to get a steady source of heat for the years to come. Heat pumps that are well-cared for can last up to 50 years. Keep in mind that a heat pump requires less maintenance than your standard HVAC system.


Heat pumps are very safe. In fact, they are safer to use than many other heating systems. A heat pump can also protect you from carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a deadly by-product of burning fuel.


It is very easy and convenient to use a heat pump. You can decrease or increase the temperature with just a push of a button. A heat pump can also cool or heat up your home in just a few minutes. Studies have shown that people are most comfortable in a room with a temperature that ranges from 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat pump will be able to maintain the same temperature for as long as you need it to.

You will also be able to leave the heat pump on all day and not worry about having to spend a fortune on your energy bill. Additionally, you will be able to come home to a comfortable place.

Helps Keep The Air Clean

Not only can a heat pump keep your home comfortable, but it can also keep the air clean. It helps remove mildew and dust. Keep in mind that exposure to dust and mildew can exacerbate allergies and other medical conditions. A heat pump can also act a dehumidifier, which can help keep your home dry. Call or Text us today for more details (941) 203-7955 and don't forget to check out our specials, financing, and rent-to-own air conditioning options. Stay Cool with Mahle!

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Extend The Life Of Your Air Conditioner With Regular Service

Regular maintenance is an essential part of the HVAC system in your home, and your family cannot remain comfortable in the summer without a working air conditioner. The air conditioner in your house is a complicated piece of equipment that can only be serviced by a certified technician. This article explains how our business provides the finest customer service, and you will see the personal stake we have in your satisfaction.

#1: When Was Your AC Last Inspected?

The air conditioner in your home must be inspected at least once a year. Quarterly inspections are preferable, and a licensed technician must have a look at your system. Our service appointments start with a full inspection of each unit. The front panel on the unit is removed, and every inner part of the AC unit is checked for problems. There are several small parts inside your air conditioner that can be repaired on the spot, and we send each technician with those parts for quick service.

Larger problems that are discovered in your air conditioner must be repaired immediately, and our technicians recommend repairs during your appointment. You may schedule a follow-up appointment at any time, and we return to your home when the time is right. You will be spared more expensive repairs in the future, and we will update you on the status of your unit during every visit.

#2: When Should Your Inspections Occur?

We recommend you schedule air conditioner maintenance at the beginning of the spring. You must have the unit looked at before you run the air every day, and we will check on your unit in the middle of winter. Large AC units that are left to sit for long periods of time tend to break down, and we can help you avoid problems with the unit when the temperatures rise outside.

#3: How Long Will Your Air Conditioner Last?

A proper air conditioning unit can last for decades with proper maintenance, but we must come to your often to ensure the unit is working. Allowing the AC to run for years at a time without a service will cut into the life of your unit, and we will note the deterioration of your system during our visits. Our technicians can estimate how long your AC unit will last, and we do not recommend replacement unless your system is far beyond repair.

#4: Our Commitment To Customer Service

Our family-owned business is committed to customer service, and we want you o be satisfied after every service visit. Let us know if you have trouble during your appointments, and we will remedy the problem as quickly as possible. Our service appointments help you save money on maintenance in the future, and we only repair what has gone wrong in your system. We never attempt to sell you services you do not need, and we offer several options for each repair. You choose the repair option that works best for you, and we keep our maintenance appointments faithfully.

Is Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money?

save money ac duct cleaningSo many people want to know if duct cleaning is a waste of money. Commercial cleaning firms, health studies and scientific journals conclude that the heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system in a home and building is probably a good idea. Duct cleaning usually involves a complete cleaning of the HVAC’s air handler, coils, grilles, housings, fans and motors. Cleaning air handling units, heating and cooling coils, and air handling units can improve running efficiency.

Reports by the National Institutes of Health say there is not enough proof to determine if duct cleaning actually improves inner air quality (IAQ) or building occupant health. The following information may help you to decide if your home will benefit from HVAC duct cleaning.

Professional Duct Cleaning

Professional duct cleaners use brushes, vacuums and specially-designed blowers to clean the return, supply, and intact ducts throughout the home. Duct cleaning should be thorough, and should include a cleaning of the coils, air handler, housings, registers, motors, grilles and fans of the system. Although the jury is still out about whether duct cleaning improves air quality and helps people with respiratory allergies and illness, some states make HVAC duct cleaning a routine part of public buildings.

If duct cleaning isn’t proven to be necessary, there are instances in which cleaning ducts and the HVAC system may be important.

Indoor Air Quality

There are many growing environmental concerns in our world and it is a relatively simple task to convince people that ducts in their home require cleaning. Most homeowners value safety and cleanliness at home and paying to have the HVAC unit cleaned represents is not a major expenditure.

HVAC Contamination

In contrast, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that cleaning is only necessary if the HVAC unit and its ducts are deemed “contaminated.” Since many homeowners may not know if mold is present in the HVAC system without an inspection, they may put off a decision about duct cleaning. Importantly, the State of Florida reports that mold is a serious problem. Mold requires only "a suitable place to grow, nutrients [e.g. dust] and moisture" to grow. Homeowners in Florida may believe that regular duct cleaning is an important preventive measure.

When to Clean Ducts and the HVAC System
While duct cleaning alone doesn’t seem that necessary, there are cases where cleaning the HVAC unit and ductwork could be useful. Consider HVAC unit and duct cleaning:

-- After a home modeling [especially important when high dust levels, asbestos abatement, and removal of lead paint occur]. Before performing such work, close off the ducts to prevent these dangerous elements from entering the home circulatory system.

-- After removing animals, such as rodents, found nesting in the HVAC and ducts. Cleaning in the aftermath of extermination is an important sanitary step.

-- When mold is present. Consider mold a serious problem.

-- When someone in the home is ill or suffering from a mystery allergy or respiratory illness.

-- When contaminates, such as pet hair, particulate debris, or odors are released through previously cleaned/vacuumed registers. The problem may rest within the duct system.

Disreputable Cleaning Firms

As with almost any business, disreputable firms--scammers--do exist. Homeowners should not give in to fear tactics used to get them to purchase duct cleaning services. To protect against scammer businesses, consider these details:

-- Ask for at least three references and call them. Ask each reference if they are satisfied with the business service.
-- Demand full-service cleaning of the heating and cooling unit. Cleaning the ducts is not enough.
-- Discard "specials" that offer discount duct cleaning. This type of offer allows the scammer to get a foot in the door. The goal is to sell additional products or services. A thorough cleaning requires special equipment and more than a single worker. The cost of professional HVAC unit and duct cleaning is about $500.
-- Obtain a firm estimate from any business offering cleaning of the heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system. A reliable business will provide a preliminary inspection as well as a written estimate.

The Fine Print

Hire only National Air Duct Cleaners Association-certified (NADCA) businesses. Licensing and insurance protect the homeowner against defects in labor and workmanship. NADCA-certified businesses will follow guidelines established by the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA). This is crucial when insulated ducts are cleaned. The business should provide the homeowner with a visual inspection of their work to ensure your satisfaction. The visual inspection enables the homeowner to inspect each duct in person or via remote camera. The homeowner may withhold payment until the visual inspection is complete. Any use of steam is contraindicated because these treatments add moisture. Sprays or sealants should not be used and may infuse toxic chemicals into the system. At present, the EPA has not registered any chemicals for use in HVAC and duct cleaning.


Duct cleaning performed by a reputable professional cleaner may be helpful in many situations.

Can too much rain harm your air conditioner?

When summer comes and temperatures rise, air conditioning is a necessity for comfort and survival, especially here in Florida. These days, most homes have a central HVAC system. A centralized air conditioning system has two units: an evaporator coil located in your furnace, and a compressor unit located outside your home. It's natural to worry that the compressor might be damaged by all the rain that would fall into it. However, because it is outside, it is specifically designed to resist weather conditions, with the exception of special circumstances like flooding or hurricanes.

Being outside all the time, the compressor unit of an air conditioner may seem like it can easily be damaged. However, like the rest of your house's exterior, a compressor is specifically designed to resist damage from the weather. In fact, placing a tarp over it to prevent rain from entering may in fact damage your compressor, because the tarp will trap moisture in the compressor unit, increasing the humidity and causing rusting. A tarp would also decrease the performance of a compressor by blocking the airflow. The compressor is designed to use the air flowing through it to dry quickly, preventing rust and other damage.

Being designed to withstand rain, it's perfectly safe to run your air conditioner while it's raining. In fact, an air conditioner will dehumidify the air in your home, which easily increases to uncomfortable levels when it is raining during the hot summer. Dehumidifying your home will help make the air more comfortable. In addition, excess humidity can encourage mold growth. Thus, running your air conditioner during a summer shower is not only comfortable, but is in fact beneficial.

Humidity is an easily overlooked part of climate control in the home. For improved humidity control, ask your Mahle HVAC contractor about options for adding a dedicated humidity unit to your central HVAC system. With increased humidity control, you can more controllably regulate your home's humidity. A lower humidity not only discourages mold growth, but also means that higher temperatures in your house will still feel comfortable. Good humidity control is especially important when it is raining because the humidity can quickly rise to uncomfortable levels which make you feel more hot, which in turn can cause you to try turning up the air conditioning to compensate. Being able to set the thermostat a few degrees higher by decreasing humidity will decrease your electricity usage, meaning that investing in a dehumidifier will not only save you money, but is good for the environment.

Of course, even though your air conditioner's compressor unit will resist rain, flooding and hurricanes are exceptional circumstances that can still damage it, as it is not designed to withstand submersion in water. This is similar to how your house also resists rain but will be damaged by these natural disasters. In the event of a hurricane, turn off your HVAC at the circuit breaker to prevent electrical shock in case there is flooding. In addition, cover the outdoor compressor unit to prevent damage from debris. This is the only time that you should cover the compressor, since the potential for debris damage outweighs possible damage from humidity. Also strap down the unit to the ground if possible to prevent high winds from tearing it out.

Air conditioning is a necessity in Florida--in fact, the southern part of the state was virtually unpopulated before air conditioning, because it was so hot and humid in the summer that it was essentially uninhabitable. Thus, maintaining your air conditioning unit is an essential part of home upkeep as a responsible homeowner. Knowing when and how to protect and maintain the various parts of your HVAC system is a part of that, to keep your air conditioning maintained and functioning well.

Because your air conditioner's compressor is specifically designed to deal with environmental aspects associated with being outside, it will not be harmed by rain, and in fact covering it with a tarp will damage it. A well functioning air conditioner that effectively cools your house improves not only comfort, but also happiness and productivity. A well cooled home is a happy home.

Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Cooler And More Comfortable While Saving Money

In many cases even a properly sized, installed and operating central air conditioner can have trouble keeping a home cool, or at least having to run longer than it should. This results in high AC bills.

Usually the problem is caused not by one single problem but by several things that act against the air conditioner by warming the air indoors as the AC works to cool it. Below are a few of these simple to fix issues that help your AC be more effective.

Insulate Leaking Electrical Outlets.

Most people are aware that they need to maintain the weather striping that lines exterior doors and widows, but did you know electrical outlets along the outer wall of block home can leak out your cool air too? While the amount of air leaking out of the home through the outlets may be small there are a couple of reasons while this is still important. First while the leak is small, it is 24/7 - a constant trickle of cool air leaking out and warm air leaking in all day every day. The other reason is in Florida, most homes are built from cement blocks. During the day the stone blocks absorb the heat from the sun. This in tern heats the air in the space inside the blocks and between walls. Having uninsulated electrical vents allows that warm air to seem into your home.

Replace Your Air Filter Often

Changing the air filter located in the air handler one per month is one of the most important and easiest ways to keep your home cool more efficiently. For the air conditioner to work properly clean air must flow through the coil inside the air handler. If the filer is dirty, it will reduce the air flow significantly. This in turn will force you to run your AC much longer to keep your home cool in the hot summer months. Having a dirty air filter will also allow dust and dirt particles to build up in the coil and work their way back into the air of your home where it can contribute to indoor air pollution. So simply changing your AC filter regularly -at least once per month - you can keep your AC running cold and efficiently all year.

Shade Your Outdoor Unit

While it’s no surprise to anyone living in Venice, our area gets HOT. All that sunshine Florida is famous for does more than heat up your home. Direct sunlight blazing away on your outdoor air conditioner unit will get the unit extremely hot during peak sunshine hours. SO hot in fact that it can reduce the ability of the outdoor unit to exchange the heat from inside your home out into the air. The solution is a simple one -simply provide shade for your outdoor unit. By shading the unit, it will no longer be absorbing heat from direct sunlight all day long and will stay much cooler. This can improve the ability of the AC to remove heat from the coolant and in turn make your air conditioning more efficient! There are a lot of ways to can shade your air conditioner ranging from building an awning like structure to simply planting a shade tree or large shrub near by. Of you do choose the tree method, though make sure tree will not drop leaves and seeds into your outdoor unit and that you maintain plenty of open space around the unit for air to flow.

Shade Your Windows

While not really a cheap solution, shading your windows from the outside will help quite a bit. This is because even if you have curtains or blinds inside the sunlight is still passing thermal radiation into your curtains and blinds. After the blinds heat up they will release that heat into your home. Depending on how your home is oriented this can result in a significant heat source. By shading your windows from the outside you prevent the curtains and blinds from ever heating up and warming the inside of your home. Shading you windows can be accomplished a variety of ways from planting shrubs or shade trees, to having awnings installed or even films applied to the window to block out the heat.

By performing a few maintenance tasks around the home you can really make your air conditioner have to work less to keep you cool. However if even after these measures are taken your AC is still struggling to cool your home give us a call and we will be there to fix your ac in a flash.

Englewood Florida Air Conditioner Filter

Keep Your Air Conditioner In Top Working Order By Changing Your Air Filter Regularly

At Mahle Cool Air we take pride in finding and fixing all the issues our customer have with their AC. Often though, the customers problems came about for simple maintenance issues that have been neglected and led to major AC problems or poor performance and high utility bills.

air conditioning filter

One of the biggest issues for a poorly working central air conditioning system is not changing, or worse, not even having an air filter in the air handler.

Why an air filter is so important for central air conditioners

So what’s the big deal with the air filter anyway? It comes down to how the vast majority of air conditioning systems have been designed. Nearly all air handlers which deliver cold coolant and also absorb heat from the home, have air flowing over a coiled line of coolant.

This coiled tube which contains coolant, is embedded in a honey-comb like structure of very narrowly spaced cooling fins. For proper operation it is essential that air can flow through and around this coil.

As air is drawn over the coil is gets cooled by the coolant and blown into the air vents by a blower. In addition to cooling the air, the air actually heats the coolant in the same way ice melts in a class of water. But also with a cold drink, condensation will form along the coil and when operating properly, will drain away and out of the home.

However if the air flowing over the coil and the finely spaced cooling fins is dirty with dust particles and other common particulate in household air, the dust will begin to build up around both the coil and the blower fan.

Over time the dust will clog up the cooling fins on the coil and prevent air from flowing directly over the coil. Not only does this prevent the air from being fully cooled it causes another issue, the water from condensation does not fully drain away.

During hot days the homeowner will run the air conditioner much harder because the clogged coil is not able to cool the air fully.

As more and more condensation builds up in the dust coating the coil and other AC parts, the coolant which is no longer being warmed by the air will actually get the condensation so cold it will freeze solid.

Once this happens the air conditioner will cease to cool the air at all because air can no longer reach the coil and exchange heat. The only remedy at this point is to shut the AC off and let the ice met away.

Often the issues goes unnoticed for years causing the air conditioner to be run much more often than needed and resulting in much higher electric bills.

The get and keep an older dirty AC back to good running order give Mahle Cool Air a call. We can completely clean out the air handler parts allowing the air to be cooled like new and all that condensation to be drained away. After that be sure to change your air filter each month to keep the air flowing clean and free of dust. If if need some help in this area Mahle Cool Air offers regular maintenance plans to keep your AC running smooth all year long.