Less than great credit? No problem!

Why don't you consider Rent To Own here in Venice, FL?

One of the most popular programs we offer to our customers is an air conditioning rent-to-own lease contract. We recently teamed up with the company Microf, a Bryant approved finance partner, to make this possible. That's because here at Mahle Cool Air & Heating, we understand that it can be expensive to own an air conditioning system. At the same time, though, to not own one at all just spells disaster. That's why this is an amazing program for those looking for an affordable option.

Get A Brand New Bryant Air Conditioner In 3 Easy Steps

Air Conditioner Selection

Our experts review your home’s unique needs and determine the best AC unit to keep you cool efficiently

Release Option Selection

Select the lease option: faster pay off, or lower payments. Qualifying is easy and there is no credit check.

Installation & Comfort

Relax! Our experienced installers will install your new Bryant Central AC unit which is gauranteed to provide years of trouble-free operation

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Easy to Qualify

Own your home? Have homeowner's insurance? Have a job? You will likely qualify.

bryant authorized dealer mahle cool air of venice florida serving north port and englewood florida

All Models From Bryant Available

All Bryant air conditioners an heat pumps are available.

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No Credit Check

At Mahle Cool Air & Heating, you don't need credit to be qualified for the rent-to-own program. We don't do any credit check whatsoever.

save money on air conditioning maintenance mahle cool air of venice florida serving north port and englewood florida

All Expert Installation

Mahle Cool Air & Heating is a licensed contractor and local Bryant Expert.

Whatever it Takes

The Bryant Rent To Own Program

This rent-to-own program makes replacing your rustic air conditioner easier and more affordable than ever before, especially thanks to our special financing options. How does it work exactly? Well, it is simple. That’s because here you don’t need credit to be qualified for the rent-to-own program. Here at Mahle Cool Air & Heating, we know that there was a severe recession that hit Florida recently and that Sarasota was explicitly affected very hard. Since we offer our services to homeowners all over the Venice, Sarasota, and Charlotte counties, we wanted to make sure that we considered this. That’s why now basically every homeowner can qualify for a brand new A/C unit, with or without a good credit score. Here, we don’t do any credit check whatsoever.

If you are wondering whether or not you qualify for the rent-to-own lease program it is important to factor in a few key points. For starters, you will obviously need to own your own home. Then, you’ll need to have some type of homeowners insurance. Besides this, you must have a job where you’re getting a steady income. Similar to this, you’ll need a checking account as well. When you have all that under your belt, you’re very likely to qualify for a new air conditioning. Remember, there’s no need to have a perfect credit score here. Here at Mahle Cool Air & Heating, we don’t have a traditional financing program, so qualifying is made much more simple here.

Okay, so we made it quite clear what qualifies you for our rent-to-own air conditioning program, but how does one pay for this? Well, the amount of your monthly payments will be based on how much the unit you pick out costs and how long your lease program is for. In other words, the longer your lease program is for, the lower each of your monthly payments will be. Also, if you decide on an older or less extensive unit, this will lower your monthly payments as well.

At Mahle Cool Air & Heating, we provide all of the latest residential air conditioners and heat pumps that Bryant offers. Each of these units are extremely efficient, as they’re made with the highest quality. With us by your side, it is now easier than ever to get one of Bryant’s air conditioning units, which are known for their reliability. With any one of these units, you can rest assured that they won’t break down on you or leave you suffering. These units are durable, so they are made to last.

Sure, the rent-to-own conditioning program is designed to be affordable, but there are even discounts offered here to make it cheaper for you. To get these discounts, there are certain factors you fall into. For instance, if you use automatic payments, you will qualify for several more discounts. Besides this, if you place the new air conditioner or heat pump into your homeowners insurance policy that will save you money as well. Then of course if you pay off the lease earlier than expected, that will qualify you for discounts too.

Now that you know exactly what our rent-to-own air conditioning program is, it is time to get started. To begin, it is simple. All you have to do is call us here at Mahle Cool Air & Heating. From there, one of our staff members will be more than happy to discuss with you the rent-to-own air conditioning program further, as well as the rest of our services. Our NATE Certified technicians know exactly what model air conditioning unit will work best for you, so don’t waste your time with any other company. Get in touch with us now.