As summer approaches, residents here in Florida will be using their air conditioner more frequently, and it is going to be operating for longer periods of time. This is when system breakdowns are most likely to occur. In most cases, repair of the unit or replacement of a specific part is necessary, and this means calling on the services of an experienced HVAC tech.

You certainly don’t want to think about the possibility of a 90° home or office interior, but it just might happen. It is, therefore, a good idea to learn about why your air conditioning unit might fail. Here are some of the most common reasons an HVAC unit experiences problems during the late spring and summer seasons.

1) Motor Capacitors Become Inoperative
As you run your air conditioner more and more, overheating of the unit often causes the capacitors to become fatigued. If they blow out, the motors that run the compressor and fans will not operate. The system won’t even circulate the room air, meaning that your home’s or office’s interior will heat up very quickly. A large air conditioning unit that provides a high number BTU’s cooling power can cause an electrical overload, and instead of the breaker panel tripping, the capacitors on the system’s motors will blow.

2) Refrigerant Leak
As you operate your air conditioner more and more frequently, the cooling refrigerant begins to circulate under more pressure. Coolant is sent to the outdoor compressor and then rerouted back to the central unit. If a leak develops, the refrigerant loss can become an indoor or outdoor environmental hazard. At the same time, you will notice that the air coming from the register ducts is no longer cool. The only way to fix this problem is to have a professional HVAC system tech fix the leak and replace the refrigerant.

3) Coils Become Frozen
This is one of the most common air conditioning system problems. As the unit runs, dirty filters or blocked ducts can cause a cooling of the evaporator coils. Sludgy refrigerant is the result, and the coils will become covered with a thick layer of ice or frost. The coils will no longer conduct heat away from the air flow, and the result is warm air blowing from the registers. If the refrigerant lines become blocked, they must be cleaned out by a service technician.

4) Faulty Thermostat Operation
If your thermostat is set to the desired temperature but the system keeps cycling on and off, chances are the thermostat has a faulty part or there is a wiring problem. Repeated cycling can cause a series of problems within the evaporator coils as well as to the motors and fans. Replacement of the thermostat may be necessary.

Most air conditioning repairs become more and more expensive if the problem is allowed to continue. The sooner the unit is repaired, the lest costly the repair bill. If you suspect something is wrong with your air conditioning system, have it checked out by a professional repair specialist such as Mahle Cool Air in Venice FL. Call or Text us today for more details (941) 203-7955 and don’t forget to check out our specials, financing, and rent-to-own air conditioning options.