Know the Signs of Problems with Central Air Conditioners

With hot summer weather arriving soon in the Venice area, there are good reasons to have your home’s air-conditioning system serviced to prevent breakdowns that require emergency repairs. There are several common ways a central air conditioner can stop operating completely or cooling a building efficiently. It is a good idea for homeowners or renters to understand the signs of an imminent central air conditioner breakdown in order to tell a professional technician what is wrong with the system when requesting service. For most repairs, an expert air-conditioning technician is required to avoid electrical shocks and injuries from the air conditioner’s components or prevent additional damage to the system.

Moisture under the Central Air Conditioner’s System

It is vital to check under your air conditioner’s system inside a home to determine if there are leaks. A dripping air conditioner may have a disconnected or clogged drain line that leads to an overflowing drain pan. The drain pan will drip moisture on surfaces below, leading to structural damage, odors or mold growth. This problem is simple to repair by reattaching the drain line or removing debris such as sediment from the air conditioner’s drain line. However, there are more serious reasons concerning finding water puddles underneath an air-conditioning unit that requires the expertise of a knowledgeable mechanic. When the refrigerant is low in the air-conditioning unit, the compressor may freeze before turning off for a short amount of time. The ice on the unit melts, leading to puddles beneath the unit that recur as the system freezes and thaws repetitively.

An Air Conditioner that is Making Strange Noises

Air conditioners will make a certain amount of noise, especially when turning on and off, but you should listen carefully for strange sounds as the unit is operating. Grinding or clanging noises indicate that a mechanism is worn or loose, requiring a repair immediately to prevent a breakdown in the middle of the night or on a weekend. Failure to get a loose part tightened or a worn part replaced can lead to it dislodging completing, breaking other components. A poorly lubricated component can also begin to get hot, leading to smoke and a fire that can damage a home. Problems with a fan in the exterior portion of a central air-conditioning unit can also lead to a compressor failure despite tightening the fan or lubricating moving parts.

The Air-Conditioning System is Taking Longer to Cool a Home or Room

If you begin to notice that an air conditioner is taking longer to cool a room or home, then it is time to inspect the device for debris such as dust inside the unit or blockages outside the unit. Begin by turning off the unit to clean the coils and change the air filter before making sure vents are open and free of dust. When this does not solve the cooling problem, this means that the air-conditioning system is either leaking refrigerant or undercharged. The best way to have this problem repaired correctly is by contacting a professional technician who has an understanding of various models and brands of air conditioners to find where a leak is located. Simply adding more refrigerant to the central air conditioner will not repair the problem. While making this air conditioner repair, the technician can also inspect the compressor and other components to verify the mechanisms are working optimally.

An Increase in an Air Conditioner’s Utility Bills

Unless there are unusually hot or humid temperatures in a geographic zone, your utility costs should remain nearly the same as a previous year’s bills. A huge increase in electrical usage is often caused by wiring defects, nonfunctioning capacitors or poor airflow in a building’s ductwork. In addition to having a problem with the actual air-conditioning unit, a home might have a major electrical problem such as a defective voltage meter. An old air conditioner made before new energy efficiency regulations may require a replacement with a new model that uses less electrical power. A knowledgeable technician can assist you in selecting a new air conditioner for a home, before installing the device.

Defective Central Air-Conditioning Sensors, Relay Switches, and Thermostats

Additional reasons for a central air conditioner not cooling a home or operating at all are defective thermostats, relay switches, and sensors. Finding the problems with these mechanisms is difficult, requiring the correct schematics and diagnostic equipment. Fortunately, an expert air conditioner repair technician has the tools and schematics needed to determine the parts that are defective. After troubleshooting the air-conditioning unit completely, a technician can replace, adjust or repair small defective mechanisms to make sure the system is working correctly to keep a home or room cool.

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