An air conditioner is a rather complicated piece of equipment that you rely on to keep your home cool and comfortable on warm days. While it is complex, however, there are often some quick fix solutions that homeowners can employ to make a repair on their own. This could help you to save money that you otherwise would spend on a service call for a minor issue, and it could also help you to get your air conditioner repaired more quickly. These are some of the troubleshooting steps that you could take before calling an HVAC technician to your home so that you could potentially resolve the problem on your own.

Check Your Thermostat

As a first step, you should check the thermostat mounted to your walls. Modern thermostats will generally be blank if there is no power being supplied to it. If this is the case, you may need to replace the batteries or check the electricity supply to the unit. For example, you may need to disconnect the thermostat and reconnect it again, or you may need to flip the main circuit breaker that supplies power to this area of your home. If this does not resolve the problem, replacing the thermostat may be required.

Inspect your Drain Pan

If you have noticed that the indoor component of your cooling system is leaking water, you should take a closer look at the drain pan that is located underneath this unit. Most units are installed with an overflow switch, and this switch is designed to prevent flooding or water damage inside the home. Unplugging the emergency drain line which leads to the outside of the house typically will resolve this program. If you do not have an overflow switch with your AC unit, you should check to see if the AC unit is receiving electrical power. You should also inspect the thermostat to ensure that the setting is lower than the indoor temperature, and you can adjust the fan switch. These steps will typically resolve an issue with a full drain pan.

Turn Your System Off

There are some instances when your AC system’s coils become frozen. When this happens, the indoor fan may run, but cool air will not blow through the supply air registers. It is necessary to allow the coils to defrost thoroughly. To accomplish this, you will need to turn the system off entirely for several hours. The ice that has accumulated on the coils will drain off into the drain pan. You can then turn the system back on, and it should function as desired for you.

Change the Air Filter

Another reason why you may feel as though your AC system is not blowing cool air through your home is due to a dirty air filter. Typically, some air flow will still be able to circulate through the home when an air filter is dirty, but the dirtier your air filter is, the more significant the problem may be. You can simply remove the air filter to determine if this will resolve the problem, and you may leave the filter out of the supply register while you run to the store to purchase a replacement.

Check Your Air Ducts

It is a good idea to inspect your air ducts if you hear the fun running and have airflow at the return grills but bot at the supply registers. This typically indicates that there is a small or large leak in at least one of the air ducts. Inspect the air ducts that you can visibly see in your attic. If you locate a damaged area, you may be able to use duct tape to patch the hole. A larger hole may require you to replace a section of the duct work. If you cannot find the location of the leak, you may need to contact an HVAC technician for assistance.

Many homeowners would prefer to make a quick fix to their cooling system to save money and to get the system functional again as soon as possible. If you have taken these steps and have not remedied the problem, however, you may need to contact a heating and cooling company for professional assistance from a qualified technician. Call or Text us today for more details (941) 203-7955 and don’t forget to check out our specials, financing, and rent-to-own air conditioning options. Stay Cool with Mahle!