The air in your home can be hazardous to your health. That’s because many people do not take the time to properly maintain their air conditioning system. Your air conditioning system is designed to clean and circulate the air in your home.

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However, the system must be cleaned and serviced regularly or the air in your home could become toxic. This can be particularly serious for people with health problems. It can also sicken healthy people as well.

The Problem

The air in your home contains dust mites, dead skin cells, and other irritants. When your air conditioning system is functioning properly, it filters those things out of the air and pumps clean air back into your home. However, in order for the system to work as it should, the air filters, the ductwork, and other parts of the HVAC system must be kept clean. Many people go for years without ever having the air filters or other parts of the HVAC system cleaned, repaired, or replaced. The result is dirty air is continually recirculated in their homes.

Exacerbating the Problem

The problem of dirty air being recirculated in the home is made even worse when people use wood-burning fireplaces. Wood-burning fireplaces look great and can give your home and hearth a comforting glow and add a bit of warmth in frigid winter months and at other times during the year. The problem is wood-burning fireplaces release soot, carbon, and particulate matter into the air. If these things are not filtered out in a timely manner, they can make their way into your lungs and make it difficult for you to breathe. This can lead to all kinds of health problems.

Smoking Part of the Problem

If there are smokers in your home or if guests are allowed to smoke when they visit, this adds to the problem. Inhaling secondhand smoke can lead to a whole host of health problems. If your air conditioning system is not functioning properly and there are smokers in your home, that means everyone in your home is inhaling secondhand smoke constantly. While this is particularly bad for the young, the old, and anyone with a compromised cardiovascular system, it can also lead to health problems for seemingly healthy, robust people.

Other Irritants

Dust mites, strong smelling chemicals, pet dander, and even hair spray, glues, paints, and perfumes can also irritate the lungs and lead to health problems if they are allowed to linger in the air. The bottom line is if the homeowner wants to protect their health and the health of others that live in or visit the home, they must pay attention to the maintenance of their air conditioning system. Failure to do so will not only make them uncomfortable, it can be painful and dangerous health wise.

The Solution

The solution to the problem of indoor pollutants is simple. The air conditioning system must be serviced regularly. Some of it can even be done by the homeowner themselves. However, ideally, it’s better if they call in a professional at least once or twice a year to check, clean, repair, or replace the filters, ductwork, coils, and fins in the air conditioning system. This not only improves the quality of the air it the home, but it will also improve the performance of the air conditioning system and make it work more effectively, last longer, and save on energy bills.

Air Conditioner Filters

Routinely cleaning or replacing the air filter in the air conditioning system is one of the most important maintenance tasks. This will help to make sure the heavy particulate matter and many of the everyday pollutants found in indoor air is routinely filtered out. This can make a dramatic improvement in the quality of the air in the home and eliminate many health challenges. When dirty air filters are left in place, dirt and other pollutants can get into the evaporator coil and lower the air conditioning systems efficiency and effectiveness by as much as 20%.

An HVAC professional will know where in the ceiling, furnace, wall, ductwork or air conditioning unit the filters are located. They can also let you know if they can be cleaned and reused or must be replaced. Cleaning or replacing the air filter every 30 to 60 days during the cooling season will dramatically improve the indoor air quality and save on energy bills.

Air Conditioner Coils

The evaporator and condenser coils also need to be cleaned regularly. This helps the system to better absorb heat, improve airflow, and conserve energy. It also helps if you keep a 3-foot area around your outdoor condenser free from foliage, debris, and dirt. This will minimize the chances of dirt and debris collecting on its fins. Making sure the aluminum fins on the evaporator and condenser coils are in good condition and the condensate drains are clear will keep excess moisture out of your home and reduce or eliminate the health problems mold and mildew can cause.

Hire a Professional

A well-trained professional HVAC service technician can find and fix the common HVAC system problems. They will make sure it has the right amount of refrigerant, test for refrigerant leaks, capture any refrigerant to be evacuated from the system, check and seal duct leakage, and service the entire system. All of this will make the system work better and protect the health of everyone in the home.

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