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Repainting your home can help keep things cooler inside

Repainting your home can help keep things cooler inside

Beat the Heat
If you've lived in Florida long enough, you know that it can get pretty warm down here, especially in the summer. While you might have a tendency to crank up the air conditioner when things start to get warm, there's actually a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to keep your home cool. All it takes is a little home improvement. By repainting your home in select "cooler" colors, you can enjoy a much more hospitable home environment. You just need to remember that cooler colors cool your home and reduce ac bills.

How Heat is Absorbed
You may have never considered the ramifications of having your home being painted a certain color, but it makes sense. After all, when it's hot outside, you most likely aren't wearing a black T-shirt, are you? If your home has a particularly dark color scheme, it's akin to your house wearing a giant black T-shirt. That said, the one who's going to end up sweating isn't your house, but rather, yourself. It's not a small amount either. A report from the Department of Energy found that 70 to 90 percent of the sun's energy can make its way into a home on the virtue of having a dark paint job. With lighter shades, that energy is reduced by around 35 percent. Your home could be over thirty percent color, and it wouldn't be at the expense of your energy bill.

Choosing the Right Colors
Therefore, if you are looking to repaint your home in hopes of cooling off, you need to shy away from colors that have a tendency to absorb heat. Lean towards lighter shades that are visually pleasing as well. Look through paint samplers and work to find a color which everyone can agree upon. If there are disagreements about the right color, then discuss amongst yourselves which colors you each would and wouldn't like to have for your house. Also, consider other actions you take to stay cool in the warmer months, such as wearing fewer layers and staying hydrated.

Getting Your Home Repainted
Repainting your entire home can be an arduous process, so it's best to leave it to professionals. When you contact a professional painting service, be sure to advise them of your intentions. They should be able to offer you additional guidance and possibly help steer you towards a shade of paint that you had not previously considered. Or, alternatively, they might steer you away from a shade that might not ward off rays quite like you were hoping it would. It is best to consider just how cool you would like for your home to be and the timing. You should also consider your plans for repainting now before it becomes too hot outside. You'll feel much better if you are pre-emptive when it comes to protecting your home against the heat.

Note the Differences
Having your home repainted is going to have a different cooling effect that having an air conditioner or even a heavy-duty fan running. You might not even be aware of how much cooler your home is until you step outside on a particularly muggy day or enter the home of someone whose paint scheme is much darker.

As good as staying cool feels for your personal body temperature, you're likely to feel a substantial amount of relief in your wallet. With less of a need to consume energy via your air conditioner, you should save substantially on energy. Compare your energy bills after having your home repainted with those from previous summers, and you should hopefully see a reduction.

However, there might be days which are particularly warm and your cool, new paint isn't quite enough to relieve you of the warmth. In these instances, it's perfectly understandable to use your air conditioning. However, since your home's heat is already reduced so much by the paint, you should feel comfortable with your air conditioning on a low setting.

Get Your Home Repainted Today

If you're dreading the upcoming summer and the high temperatures that will occur, fear not. You can reduce ac bills while still keeping your home as cool as possible. A cooler shade of paint for your house will cool you down much like shade under a tree. You just need to remember one thing: cooler colors cool your home.

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At Mahle Cool Air & Heating, we are dedicated to providing customers with the absolute best in home improvement for keeping your home as comfortable as possible. Whether it's a matter of helping to repair your air conditioner or offering thorough cleaning of your air ducts, we can ensure that you will be satisfied with the service you receive from us.

window treatments keep home cooler North Port and Venice Florida

Window Treatments That Keep Your Home Cooler and Looking Great

Home Improvement, Decorating, Energy Efficiency And Beautiful Windows

Residential Property Upgrades

Owning a home is always big responsibility. If you want to keep your residence running smoothly, you should make a point to explore any home improvement upgrade options that are available to you. Window treatments can impact your residence in a number of important ways, interestingly enough. They can reduce temperatures inside of your home, first and foremost. This can help you maintain a living space that's substantially cooler and more comfortable during the hottest times of the year. They can also decrease your monthly energy bills in a big way. If you're interested in maximum home comfort and in saving lots of money in general, it's the perfect time to research your choices in energy efficient windows.

Window Treatments and Your Home

Window treatments can add a lot to your property. They can make your property look more aesthetically appealing, for one. They make excellent decorations. They offer another key benefit, too. That benefit is energy conservation, a concept that's becoming increasingly important in this day and age. If you do your research and choose appropriate window treatments, you should be able to enjoy decreased heat loss during the colder winter months. You should be able to enjoy decreased summertime heat gathering as well. These advantages can be priceless for property owners who constantly worry about costly heating and cooling bills.

Selecting the Right Window Treatments

If you're serious about energy efficiency, you should carefully research all your choices in window treatments. Don't make any random purchases. Window blinds can be great for homes that wish to minimize heat collection in the summertime. They're not as effective, however, at minimizing heat loss during the wintertime. If your primary goal is to manage wintertime heat loss, you'll more than likely be better off going with another window treatment option. Window shutters can make a great option for property owners who wish to minimize wintertime heat loss. Exterior and interior window shutters alike can help in this department. The perks of windows shutters are abundant. They can help keep your windows safe and in tiptop condition. They don't require interior space. They offer extra security. They don't lead to the risk of thermal shock, either. It doesn't matter if you're interested in lessening heat loss or collection. Window shutters could be the perfect treatment option out there for you.

Other Popular Window Treatment Choices

There's no arguing the popularity of window blinds and window shutters. People everywhere are depending on these energy efficient window treatments for energy savings. You don't have to limit yourself to window blinds and window shutters for your home improvment requirements, however. That's because there are so many other effective and reliable window treatements out there waiting for you. If you want to investigate the vast universe of window treatements, you should look into storm panels. Interior and exterior storm panels can be excellent for people who wish to decrease heat loss in the wintertime. Interior panels can be particularly beneficial for windows that are equipped with awnings. If you're looking for maximum interior panel success, you should put them up prior to the colder months. You should take them off prior to the hotter months as well.

Shades are yet another beloved window treatment choice. If you install your shades the right way, you should be able to reap the benefits of considerable energy savings in your home. Dual shades can be especially effective. Look for dual shades that are a combination of light and dark. One side of the shade should be white. This will make it extremely reflective. The other side should be dark. Dark sides can soak up heat well. It's always smart to opt for shades that you can switch back and forth with brand new seasons.

Window Treatments That Keep Your Home Cooler and Looking Great

Take the Energy Efficient Path Today

Energy efficient window treatments can do wonders for your home. If you have a passion for home improvement, then you have no reason not to take the energy efficient route. Energy efficient windows can be great for your bank account. They can be great for your summertime and wintertime comfort levels as well. That's definitely not to say that they don't offer any other perks, either. Energy efficient windows can sometimes improve the insulation inside of your residential property. They can keep your belongings in good condition as well. That's simply because they can often defend your possessions from the aggressive effects of the sun's intense UV (ultraviolet) rays.

Contact Us As Soon As Possible

If you want to invest in window treatments that can enhance the appearance of your residence and keep it cool and comfortable at the same time, you should reach out to our trusted HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) company in beautiful Venice, Florida as soon as possible.

Landscape Your Air Conditioner? mahle cool air of venice florida serving north port and englewood florida

Landscape Your Air Conditioner?

Landscaping Installation and Air Conditioning Units - Where Home Improvement and Lower AC Bills Meet

There are many ways to enhance your residential property, and if you're looking to better your home and strengthen your overall lifestyle at the same exact time, you may want to consider a little bit of landscaping work.

Landscaping installation, surprisingly enough, can be great for your outdoor air conditioning unit! Landscaping, first and foremost, can keep your air conditioner shaded, shielded from the elements and in tiptop condition. That protection, in turn, can boost your unit's efficiency. Remember your outdoor unit is made of steel and in many cases sits in direct sunlight all day. As the day goes on the energy from the can greatly heat the metal of your outdoor ac unit. If the outdoor unit gets very hot, it is harder for it to exchange heat and cool your home. Landscaping can do wonders for property owners who wish to shield their air conditioners from the sun's intense rays.

Landscaping installation can do more than just keep air conditioning units safe from the sun's effects. It can also offer aesthetic benefits. If you want to conceal your air conditioning unit effectively, landscaping can do the trick for you. Air conditioners make life more comfortable, cool and convenient. They're not the most attractive things on the planet, however.

There are quite a few exciting landscaping options available to property owners who want to keep their air conditioning units out of sight and out of mind. Hedges and plants can both work extremely well.

An efficient air conditioner can be a dream for anyone. If you want to reduce your monthly energy bills and save significant amounts of cash, you should do whatever you can to boost your unit's efficiency. You should make a point to put your air conditioner in a part of your outdoor space that receives ample shade. Doing so can reduce unit operation fees considerably. Consider planting on either the west or east parts of your property.

These locations get more sun than others. Trees and shrubs can keep your unit adequately protected in the warm summer months. Shade is beneficial because it has the ability to decrease temperatures. If you want to do whatever you can to stop your unit from overexerting itself, shade is your best bet.

It can be exciting to select plants for your outdoor property. Choices in plants run the gamut. If you want to maintain an air conditioning unit that's both reliable and efficient, you can explore a wealth of plants. If you want to reap the benefits of an air conditioner that's highly efficient and that can stay low-key visually, you should opt for plants that keep all their leaves in the wintertime if at all possible. Doing so can save you a lot of stress, hassle and energy. That's because it can eliminate the need for raking and cleaning duties. Fallen foliage tends to require substantial upkeep.

People frequently select hedges to put next to their air conditioning units. They offer versatility. If you want your hedges to look a certain way, trimming can be effective. You can make your hedges shorter if you so desire. You can make them emulate a certain form, too.

Lattice construction is yet another path you can consider. A metal or wood structure may be able to conceal your unit well. A lattice can also showcase gorgeous climbing plants that can take the attention away from your air conditioner. Lattice construction is easy and straightforward and therefore won't require much time and effort on your part.

Maintenance is important for most things in life. That's why upkeep should be a top priority for you. You should make a point to trim trees, shrubs, hedges and plants that are close to your air conditioning unit on a frequent basis. This is vital for encouraging both efficiency and airflow. If you want to keep your energy bills nice and low, you should never neglect anything that may be able to optimize efficiency. That can be a major mistake.

Cement can often be an issue for property owners who are looking for air conditioning efficiency. Cement is the polar opposite of shade in this scenario. It can actually boost temperatures by air conditioning units. If you have cement close to your unit, you should swap it out with plants that strike your fancy.

If you take the time to do your research, you should have great luck with landscaping installation and the defense and efficiency of your air conditioning unit. It doesn't matter if you go for plants, hedges, shrubs or even a lovely lattice, either. These choices can all work like a charm.

We're a prominent full-service HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) firm that's based in beautiful Venice, Florida. Suncoast residents who are searching for dependable professional assistance with home air conditioning units can always turn to our expertise. Our trained and NATE certified technicians specialize in all different types of air conditioning services including unit installation, replacement, maintenance and repair.

Our technicians are friendly and hard-working professionals who can talk to you about air conditioner efficiency as well. If you're in need of attentive, trustworthy and effective professional air conditioning service in Venice, Englewood, North Port or Sarasota, it's the perfect time to reach out to our company. Call us as soon as possible to request more information and to set up an appointment for our A+ work. We're a business that values exemplary customer care above all else.

More Than Temperature, Air Conditioners Control Indoor Humidity

More Than Temperature, Air Conditioners Control Indoor Humidity

Homes and Indoor Humidity Concerns

Air conditioning systems handle more than you may think. They don't just manage temperatures inside. They also take care of indoor humidity levels, interestingly enough. If you want to understand the ins and outs of your air conditioning system, this information can help you significantly. Air conditioners have the ability to extract significant amounts of moisture from the air. That can sometimes have unpleasant consequences, too. This humidity removal can increase drain pipe pressure considerably. That, in turn, can force air conditioning systems to turn off on their own. If you own an air conditioning system that has been mysteriously turning off all by itself lately, inordinate humidity could be the big, bad and unsuspecting culprit.

Air conditioning units operate in relatively simple and straightforward styles. They cool living spaces by extracting moisture and heat that exists in the air. High humidity makes these systems have to exert themselves more. If your air conditioning system isn't in tiptop shape, it may have trouble with the increased demand. This is usually a big problem for air conditioning units that have inadequate cooling capacities. If your home environment always seems a little "off" and is never perfect and "just right," a problematic cooling unit could be to blame.

People should always be attentive to indications of immoderate humidity indoors. If the air in your home always feels oddly damp and wet, its humidity levels could be too high. People who live in particularly humid settings may even discover issues with their skin. If you skin always is sticky and sweaty to the touch when you're at home, you should pay closer attention.

It can also help to take at look at the windows that are in your residence. Windows can often be extremely telling. Do your windows always look oddly hazy and misty? If they do, high humidity could be the reason. Humidity, in short, is vaporized H20 that lingers in the air. It can accumulate and take on a conspicuously cloudy appearance.

It's also important to focus on any bizarre smells throughout your property. If you detect any stale and moldy odors, it's probably time to assess your humidity levels. Immoderate amounts of humidity can frequently trigger moistness in properties. This moistness can bring on smells that are less than inviting, fresh and clean.

If high humidity is a problem in your home, that's no reason to feel panic. You don't have to compromise, either. Cooling your residence properly doesn't mean that you have to live a lifetime of uncomfortable humidity. Professional dehumidifier installation can save the day. Dehumidifiers are devices that can do wonders for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems and properties in general. They can remove moisture in the air successfully. They can do this before the moisture gets the opportunity to make its way out from ducts.

People who have air conditioner and humidity concerns can take it easy once and for all. The assistance of a reliable and efficient dehumidifer can be priceless. It's important to understand, however, that good timing is critical. If you want to feel great in your home, you should take care of all humidity concerns before the hot summer weather starts. People should usually aim for humidity levels that are less than 60 percent. This level of humidity can be optimal for relaxation. No one wants to sweat and feel hot and stuffy all day at home.

If you're on the lookout for first-rate professional dehumidifier installation service, you can reach out to our trusted local company without a second of delay. We're a full-service HVAC business that's located in bright and beautiful Venice, Florida. Our technicians are trained, motivated and knowledgeable air conditioner experts. They're HVAC experts in general. They can help you take care of a vast array of service requests. People who need dependable and comprehensive air conditioning repair in Venice can lean on our staff. People who need high-quality furnace installation, repair and maintenance work can do so, too. Some examples of the other top-notch services that are available through our firm are zoning system assistance, boiler replacement, boiler repair and mini-split system assistance. It's not an overemphasis to say that we can do everything for you.

Our company focuses on strong customer service. We also focus on exceptional customer satisfaction. If you're tired of tolerating unpleasant humidity in your home, we want to help you out. If you're fed up with your airless and stale home environment, we want to help you out, too. Home comfort is our top passion here. It's what drives us to do exemplary work on a daily basis. People who are in need of outstanding professional dehumidifier installation in Venice can get in contact with our company any time. People who need air conditioner service can, too. Contact us today to request a free quote.

Air Conditioners Remove Humidity, But In Florida That Can Mean A Lot Of Water mahle cool air of venice florida serving north port and englewood florida

Air Conditioners Remove Humidity, But In Florida That Can Mean A Lot Of Water

Although this time of year is cooler even for Florida, there's a good reason why Florida is designated a "humid subtropical climate". Warm days go on into the dead of winter, and the humidity never seems to end. When the warm days continue and the humidity rises, people will turn on their air conditioners to get some relief from both. The level of interior humidity can affect mood as well as comfort. Our bodies cool themselves through evaporation of moisture, and humidity in the air impairs that process.

Air Conditioners Remove Humidity, But In Florida That Can Mean A Lot Of Water

One of the functions of air conditioning is to remove moisture from the air. This process can inflict some degradation of performance on you AC over time. This will affect the overall efficiency of your HVAC systems in cold as well as hot weather. Here you'll find some of the problems in maintaining humidity levels, along with solutions that can help you sustain a comfortable home year-round.

Central Air Conditioning and Humidity

When AC systems are working properly, they will remove the right amount of moisture from your interior spaces along with heat. Modern AC units are designed to maintain a comfortable environment in both ways. However, if your system is not working as it should, it may struggle to keep a comfortable interior climate, no matter how far you turn down the thermostat.

AC systems that are older, improperly installed or maintained, or incorrectly sized for the volume of space they must cool, won't perform well. When you feel hotter, you tend to turn up the AC even more. The system will work harder; that drives up your energy bills and puts more stress on the equipment without solving the problem.

However, upgrading to a larger and more powerful air conditioner won't necessarily solve your humidity problems. It will consume more electricity. You should consult with an HVAC professional on the properly sized units for your home. If you AC system isn't currently able to provide you the level of comfort you want, you may very well have a problem with it's ability to remove moisture from the air flowing through it. The more obvious signs that this is case include:

1. A damp or musty smell in all or parts of your home.
2. The windows fog up.
3. You can feel the moisture in the air.

You should then take action to ensure the system is working properly.

How to Dehumidify

Now may be a good time to get the HVAC serviced before the problem is exacerbated by the hot Florida summer. In the peak of the Florida heat, it's recommended that residents have AC systems that will keep moisture levels below 60 percent.
In some cases a professional HVAC tech can install a dehumidifier into your existing HVAC. This will assist your air conditioner in removing humidity so that it doesn't find its way into duct systems or walls. Trained professionals will know the right unit for the best effect. Even if you're having a new or upgraded system installed, ask about the advantages of installing a dehumidifier to run during the humid summer.

Another good option is to purchase a portable unit than can plug in and operate wherever you wish to remove moisture from the room. The dehumidifier you pick should have a humidity indicator which you have to check often, as well as periodically emptying the drip pan where the removed moisture collects. But it can be an easy way to make a room more comfortable on a hot day. It will definitely help out your AC and remove some of the other problems of excess moisture, like moldy smells or fogging windows.

Maintaining Outdoor HVAC Systems

The heat and humidity will also take a toll on outdoor units. Moist, heavy air, especially in Florida, is likely to contain dust, pollen, molds, or algae that can settle on outdoor equipment and accumulate there into an unpleasant film. It can also collect into AC coils, screens, and cooling fins. In the summer, many Florida residents will leave their AC units running 24 hours a day, for days on end. This also puts a strain on your AC system.

Regularly cleaning the unit with a garden hose can help to reduce this. There are also commercial products specially made for cleaning air conditioner coils. Cleaning helps to sustain more efficient operation so that your AC unit works better and saves electricity. An occasional misting of water on the unit itself will also help to cool it in hot weather so that it can absorb more heat from inside the home.

Your comfort in your own home is important, but keeping you AC at optimal levels is especially important on muggy Florida days when the system is working at its hardest.

Have Your AC and Heating System Cleaned To Avoid Fires In Your Indoor Unit

Turning on the heater after prolonged lack of use is common in the winter, and can come with some very unpleasant odors. If you've left your heater off for at least a few months, you've probably noticed that there is an awful burning smell associated with turning it back on. It's considered pretty normal, and generally the smell goes away when the heating unit has been running for some time. There are situations where that smell could be cause for alarm, however. If you've noticed some of these smells or indicators, it may be time to call an HVAC professional for an inspection and cleaning. Doing so will allow you to enjoy your heating unit without a terrible burning smell, and with the assurance that it is being operated safely.

Have Your AC and Heating System Cleaned To Avoid Fires In Your Indoor Unit

After months of accumulating dust, your heating system can get clogged up. Turning the system on will cause it to burn the dust away, contributing to the foul smell. The filter in your heating unit needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly to avoid it being clogged with dust and other unwanted material. Make sure that you're replacing or cleaning your filter per the manufacturer's recommendations. Reusable, cleanable filters are available for heaters that can save you both time and money.

Placing objects and materials too close to your heater can be cause for concern, as well. Any material that is flammable can potentially catch fire, causing a much larger issue than just a bad smell. Make sure that anything placed near your heating unit has adequate clearance in order to avoid major issues. Foreign material that could potentially cause a fire in your home can include decorations made of thin plastic and paper. You don't want to be worried about calling your local fire department when starting your heater!

If you smell something burning after starting your heating unit, make sure to take the steps above in order to ensure that it is clear from dust, clogging, and foreign material. For the safest experience, consider calling an HVAC professional to inspect your heater. An HVAC certified specialist can make sure that your unit is running safely, free of any debris. Professionals can show you the proper way of operating your unit, including regularly scheduled filter changes and maintenance.

HVAC experts can routinely maintain your unit in order to ensure that it runs properly and lasts as long as possible. Maintenance of your unit is almost always cheaper than replacing it, so it's definitely a good financial decision. If an issue is discovered, fixing a small problem is usually no problem at all, but allowing that problem to expand into something greater can mean disaster for your heating system. Your system will run more efficiently with routine maintenance and cleaning as well, giving your unit the longest-lasting life possible. Further, you'll experience a better overall quality of the air circulating in your home, so you won't have to worry about breathing in dust and grime.

When your heating unit is started for the first time in ages, keep the mentioned steps in mind. Check your filter, and replace or clean it as recommended. Make sure that there are no objects obstructing the heater. Make sure that you call an HVAC professional to inspect your unit. This expert will ensure that your system will run efficiently, cleanly, and safely. Having your heating system routinely maintained is a very small price to pay for the safety and protection of your home and family. With a freshly cleaned unit, you won't have to worry about that stinky burning smell coming from your heating system during this winter season.

Five Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

People underestimate the importance of indoor air quality and the impact that it can have on their health and well-being. Poor air quality can aggravate allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems, while clean air can make those problems much easier to tolerate. Maintaining the air quality in a home is relatively easy, and all the average person needs to do is to change a few habits that contribute to the problem and adopt one or two solutions to help clean up the air.

Five Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Prevent Problems

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That's just as true when dealing with indoor air quality as it is when dealing with disease. Most of the factors that contribute to poor air quality in the home are easy to prevent with just a little bit of effort, so there's no reason not to take a few moments to make sure the problem doesn't get worse.

It's best to start by removing sources of pollution from the home. Paint, pesticides, and cleaning solutions can all pollute the air, so it's best to keep them in tightly sealed containers to minimize the damage. Keep them in a well-ventilated area to make sure that the pollutants don't build up, and try to use as few of them as possible.

Mold is another major source of contamination. It grows in moist areas, so simply cleaning up condensation and managing a home's humidity can prevent the worst of the problems. It's also important to clean air ducts and other areas that are havens for mold growth. Homeowners can do this on their own in most cases, but there are times when help from an HVAC company is necessary to access an infestation.

Mechanical Purification

Plants aren't the only option for people who want an air purifier. Machines may not be as pretty as plants, but they can pack a lot more power into a lot less space. There are a few different options to choose from, and almost every HVAC company is capable of helping customers pick out the right model.

The biggest choice is between an air purification system that covers the whole house, or one that works in a single room. The smaller options are best for homes that get most of their contamination from a single room, like a painter's workshop. These can be useful supplementary systems in those rooms even when other systems take care of the rest of the building. Larger air purifiers are better for homes that are prone to mold infestations and have other sources of contamination spread all over the house.

In either case, it's important to take the time to maintain the system. Air purifiers need to have their filters changed regularly, although the precise frequency will vary depending on the model and how much work it does. A purifier that doesn't get maintained won't be able to do its job, so these systems are best for people who are willing to check on them regularly. The best way to make sure that it remains as reliable as possible to choose one from a manufacturer that has a reputation for quality, such as Bryant. The best purifiers require the least maintenance to stay in good condition, so this saves time and money on maintenance while also ensuring that the machine starts out strong.

Go Green

A plant is a natural air purifier. Most people realize that plants take carbon dioxide out of the air when they photosynthesize, but they also help to remove contaminants. A single plant won't do much, but a small group of them can make sure that the air in a room stays reasonably clean.

There are a few different ways to take advantage of the purifying power of plants. Planting them outside can improve the quality of air the enters the home, especially in cities and other polluted areas, but that only helps when it is combined with good ventilation. The best results come from bringing plants inside the building. Any plant will help, but plants with lots of leaves will do better than most of the alternatives.

The easiest way to find space for those indoor plants is to set up planters on window sills. They aren't likely to cause an obstruction, and they can get all the light that they need. Hanging baskets are another option for people who need more space. It's safe to use these plants to grow food in all but the most polluted areas, so this is also an excellent opportunity to grow food crops, such as lettuce, in the home.

Ventilate the Building

Outdoor air is almost always cleaner than the air inside a building. There are exceptions to this rule, such as the air at construction sites, but it's valid in most areas. That means that homeowners can often improve their indoor air quality by allowing the air to circulate between their home and the environment.

The easiest way to do this is to keep windows open when the weather is good. That can have a major impact on the home's air quality on its own, but there are times when it isn't quite good enough. A good fan system can amplify the effect, and even something as simple as putting a fan in the window can help.

The best results come from improving the ventilation in the home's cooling systems. Most air conditioners work by circulating the air that is already inside the home, but there are also systems that move outdoor air into the home. These systems have a lot of power, so they can do more to ventilate the home than most of the alternatives.

Mixing and Matching

The real secret to having clean air is using all of the methods at once. Every home can benefit from some preventing pollution before it starts, even a home that already has a strong ventilation system. Nothing stops a person from combining a small indoor garden with a mechanical air purifier. Each individual method has its own limits, but combining them can surpass those limits.

That may seem like a lot of effort, but it's work that can pay dividends over time. Most of these methods only need a little bit of maintenance once they get started, so even a single day's work can give a family healthier lungs for years to come. People who need help with the process can contact their local HVAC company to find out how to improve their ventilation and air purification systems.

Lower Air Conditioning Bills for Your Business

As any business owner is aware, a large cost of maintaining a welcoming environment for employees and customers is making sure that the environment is comfortable--not too hot and not too cold. For most business owners, this means simply eating the cost of high electric bills.

Lower Air Conditioning Bills for Your Business

However, there are ways that you can save money and still maintain good indoor air quality throughout your business, many of these are very low cost and can be immediately introduced the same day. Simple things like making sure doors and windows have proper weatherstripping and are kept closed when not being used can end up saving you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year; Many people do not make sure that there is not air leaking around the bottom of doors and windows, or they underestimate the problems (aside from loss of money, air gaps can cause too much humidity which leads to mold, or even pest infestations within a building, particularly if the business is a food based one) and money loss it is causing. Weatherstripping is low cost and can be installed the same day, even by people who do not have any prior experience in doing so.

Now that we have talked about how to use physical barriers to reduce air, we can look at more involved ways to lower AC bills, all the while keeping your business cool and warm enough.

1.Replace Old AC Units

While this is obviously a significant monetary investment, the benefits of purchasing a new unit will by far outweigh the cost; While it is possible, of course, to repair an AC unit, it is often very expensive and will likely not significantly extend the life of a unit that is simply worn out. As an additional benefit, units labeled "Energy Star" can use up to 50% less energy than regular models, saving you even more money.

2. Get a Programmable Thermostat

While this may seem like a no brainer, there are still people who do not have thermostats that can be set on a timer so that less heating/cooling energy will be used when the business is not open. With a programmable thermostat, you can not only set a time schedule for when you use your cooling unit, with many models you can also set individual temperatures for each room according to individual preferences or needs.

3. Remember to Regularly Replace Air Filters

This is another common money saving tip that is often neglected both by home and business owners. An old air filter is an air filter that not only is not performing adequately which means your units will be running more often, costing you money, but it also means that allergens are likely being introduced into the atmosphere.

4. Make Sure your HVAC Unit is not Obstructed

This means that you should keep your unit away from potentially dangerous shrubbery, trees, or other building structures which could potentially damage or ruin it. Remember, your unit will provide you with many years of service if you take care of it.

5. Make Sure your Vents are Open

Some people like to keep certain vents closed because they do not want as much air blowing in that area, etc. This is really not a good idea if it can be avoided--and being able to control the temperature with a programmable thermostat may take the place of closing a vent. Obstructing air flow can shorted the life of your unit, and in some cases, cause overheating or other electrical issues that could potentially be dangerous. Also, heat rises, so running ceiling fan(s) can be another low cost way to keep an area cooler without turning the AC cooler.

As you can see, there are many ways you can both save money and improve the quality of the air in your business and home. If you have questions or are still dealing with high bills after integrating some of these ideas, contact an HVAC professional who can inspect your business or home and give you an estimate of what can be done to improve the quality of your environment.

Indoor Air Quality Starts With Your Air Conditioner North Port Florida

Indoor Air Quality Starts With Your Air Conditioner

Indoor air quality can have a significant impact on a family's health. Pollutants can aggravate allergies and asthma, and they can even encourage respiratory diseases to develop. The home's air conditioner is one of the most important factors for determining the local air quality, so every homeowner should keep an eye on it and call a reliable HVAC company if any problems appear. It isn't always easy to find those problems, but there are a few things that anyone can notice if they keep their eyes peeled.

Indoor Air Quality Starts With Your Air Conditioner

Clean the Filter

Most air conditioners function by circulating air through the system and back into the home. That gives the air a chance to pick up dust, spores, and other pollutants, so most units also include filters to clean the air as it circulates. Those filters normally work quite well, but they need to be replaced every so often to prevent them from getting clogged and useless. It's hard to predict how often this needs to be done, since it will vary depending on the quality of the air that passes through those filters. The best way to avoid problems is to check the filters at regular intervals and to clean or replace them whenever they look dirty. In most cases, that will be once every two weeks or so, but it's important to check the filters instead of relying on a guideline.

Check the Ducts

The filters aren't the only place where pollutants can build up and cause problems. They can also accumulate in the air ducts, which can spread the problem all over the home. Mold is the largest problem in these cases, since the air ducts are often a moist environment where it can survive for a long time. As the mold survives, it will release spores in order to spread, and those spores can cause respiratory problems in humans.

It usually isn't easy or necessary for families to clean their air ducts on their own. It's usually best to call an HVAC company to prevent damage to the system. It's a good idea to clean them regularly to be safe, but it's only necessary when there is visible mold or dust building up in the ducts or when people are having respiratory problems and can't identify the cause.

Fresh Air Helps

Keeping the AC system clean can prevent most problems, but indoor air quality will still degrade over time in most homes. The easiest way to prevent that is to open up the windows and let some fresh air into the house. That will help to get rid of any contamination that the filters couldn't handle on their own. Try to do this when the outdoor air is at its cleanest. That means avoiding times when people are spraying pesticides, doing construction work nearby, or doing anything else that could lower the quality of air in the area.

Preventing Problems

Always remember that it's better to prevent problems that to deal with them after the fact. If something happens that could cause problems with the AC unit, it's better to get some preventative maintenance than it is to wait until people get sick. It's best to clean filters more often when people are spraying chemicals or working indoors. Moisture encourages mold to grow, so homeowners should watch their air ducts during periods of high humidity. When it looks like there might be a problem, play it safe and call an HVAC company for help to prevent medical issues from developing.

Why Does it Matter?

That may seem like a lot of effort, but indoor air quality is a major health concern. Poor air quality can aggravate most respiratory problems, and in the long run exposure to polluted air lowers life span and leads to trouble breathing. Children are especially vulnerable, and the damage can last a lifetime. It's much easier and more pleasant to prevent those problems by cleaning a few ducts and filters than it is to treat the diseases for years to come.

World Leaders Agree to Use Safer AC Coolant- But You Do Not Have to Wait venice florida

World Leaders Agree to Use Safer AC Coolant- But You Do Not Have to Wait

The Latest International Climate Agreement Means Better Air Conditioner Performance For Everyone

Warnings about a warming earth continue to be a hot topic among politicians, scientists and business leaders world-wide. There is a consensus that a trend in global warming is for real. The dispute remains as to the cause: is it man-made or a cyclical and naturally occurring event that we have no control over. And now refrigerant's like the ones in old air conditioners or refrigerators are front and center as a big part of the problem - and solution.

A new AC Coolant That Reduces Impact On Climate Change

Recently, representatives from more than 100 countries joined the U.S. administration in backing an ambitious worldwide agreement the phase out Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) as refrigerants in air conditioning systems.

What was thought to be a solution to the dangerous depletion of the ozone layer thirty years ago, the HFC coolants have now been deemed a problem.

Hydrofluorocarbons seemed like a remedy to an environmental crisis targeted in 1980s. The reduction of the earth’s ozone layer was theorized to be caused from chemical emissions of refrigerants used in air conditioning and refrigeration around the world.

The new HFC compounds could do everything the old ones could without damaging the ozone layer, so global policymakers turned to them as a substitute. In 1987, this swap of refrigerants was formalized in the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.

The change appeared to have worked. The ozone layer, our greatest protection from the harmful rays of the sun, has recovered dramatically and to its normal configuration. During the past thirty years, however, the overall problem of temperature warming and climate change has worsened dramatically. Some of this climate deterioration is blamed on hydrofluorocarbons.

Now, world leaders strongly support an amendment to the Montreal Protocol aimed at cutting hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and replacing it with a more environmentally friendly ac coolant.

HFCs is a far less common gas than the most abundant greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. But HFCs have a much higher (20 times) warming potential than carbon dioxide by volume, making it more destructive.

The declaration stated that by passing the Montreal Protocol to phase down HFCs, we could reduce global warming by up to 0.5°C by the end of the century. The agreement, known as the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, will be one of the most effective contributors to reaching goals described in the Paris climate accord that becomes a legal at the end of November.

The changeover will take time, however. The U.S. and some other developed countries nations will begin to phase out HFCs in the year 2019. An additional 100 developing nations, including China and Brazil, will begin to reduce their emissions in 2024. India and Pakistan and Persian Gulf states will not start until 2028.

The long-range goal is to for every country to have achieved an 80% reduction in HFCs by 2040.

The Obama administration has already begun to encourage our military and other government departments to purchase equipment that will run on climate-helpful alternatives coolants where feasible.

The American consumer doesn’t have to wait for the safer coolant mandate to kick in, however.

To avoid the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), a variety of climate-friendly, efficient and safe alternatives are available today. Hydrocarbon refrigerants have been used for many years in refrigerators and freezers in people`s homes throughout the world. Over 90% of new appliances nowadays contain hydrocarbon refrigerants, including the complete line of air conditioners and heat pumps from Bryant . These appliances are very efficient also under high-ambient temperatures.

A hydrocarbon [HC] is an elementary compound of hydrogen and carbon which occurs naturally. It’s found in large concentrations in crude oil. Used as a modern refrigerant, non-toxic hydrocarbons are an eco¬friendly alternative to fluorocarbons.

The next time you are serviced by an HVAC company like the MAHLE Cool Air, ask about having your old coolant replaced with Puron from Bryant. It is an environmentally friendly ac coolant that doesn't contain HFCs and offers far superior performance that the older coolants.