An Issue Some Homeowners Forget

When they encounter problems with a malfunctioning or noisy air conditioning unit, homeowners sometimes forget to check the exterior of the residence. Don’t overlook this location! Obstructions around external air conditioning machinery pose problems sometimes.

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Especially in very warm, sunny, humid climates where gardeners enjoy vigorous plant growth, vegetation may grow rapidly. Florida falls within this category of tropical spots. The wonderful climate in this area promotes robust greenery. Snowbirds, in particular, need to take precautions to prevent air conditioning problems caused by unnoticed obstructions.

For optimum AC unit operation, you should not permit anything to clog or block the exterior of your home air conditioning unit. You’ll maintain a much safer premises by taking steps to check this issue periodically.

A Helpful Checklist

One useful step that may assist you in helping to detect problems caused by obstructions proves very simple. Keep a checklist handy. Review these items on a periodic basis:

1. Has sand, cobwebs or debris covered the outside of your air conditioning unit?
2. Do any items of furniture sit too close to the unit to permit safe operation?
3. Has a storm window become an obstruction to a window air conditioner?
4. Have trees, shrubs, grass, climbing vines or other plants begun obstructing the unit?
5. Do household blinds or drapes sometimes blow outside and come into contact with exterior air conditioning equipment?
6. Has trash blown into the area and created an obstruction hazard?
7. Does an exterior fixture, such as a swinging porch or a doghouse, stand too close to the exterior of the unit?

By remaining alert and checking these issues frequently, you’ll detect some possible problems before they can cause damage to your air conditioner. The simple step of performing this home maintenance on a regular basis helps promote safer, more efficient cooling. Simply remove obstructions to keep air flows circulating better.

Unavoidable Obstructions

How should a conscientious homeowner handle an unavoidable obstruction? Some older houses in Florida, in particular, may not enjoy efficient window air conditioning units as a result of structural issues. Architects decades ago planned some of these lovely structures without taking highly automated modern home cooling systems into consideration.

One step that might prove helpful in this situation involves reviewing the location of your air conditioning unit carefully. For instance, if your window air conditioning unit or swamp cooler once stood unobstructed, but now sits clogged among mature trees and vines that you would prefer not to remove, re-locating the air conditioner makes sense. The extent of your ability to take this type of corrective action may depend mainly upon the design of the residence.

The Best Sites For Relocated Air Conditioning Units

In a room with a window air conditioner and multiple windows, the issue of finding another site for the unit may not pose a problem. In fact, simply by changing the location of the AC equipment to an unobstructed window, you may enjoy much better air flows inside and outside the home.

Try and find a place for your air conditioning unit that enjoys its own dedicated electrical outlet. Many older units require a lot of electricity. Depending upon the wiring in your residence, you may find that plugging in a vacuum cleaner to a connected outlet will sometimes blow a fuse if the air conditioner operates at the same time.

In the Venice and Sarasota area of South Florida, our company helps residents requiring assistance with these issues. We offer state-of-the-art technology that can provide a solution to this widespread problem. We’ll help you discover the best options for cooling your home or office in Florida cost-effectively and efficiently. Call or Text us today for more details (941) 203-7955 and don’t forget to check out our specials, financing, and rent-to-own air conditioning options. Stay Cool with Mahle!