Purchasing new HVAC equipment requires a substantial capital outlay, making some people hesitate when it is time for them to start looking for a new HVAC system. However, most HVAC systems will only last around 10 years. If you find that you are spending a substantial amount of money on repairs, it might be worthwhile to replace air conditioner equipment in your home. Here are some other ways to tell that it is time for you to go ahead and buy a new central air conditioning system.

Old Air Conditioner? How To Tell If It May Be Time For A New One

1. Your system is old

If your air conditioning system is close to 10 years old or is older, it is probably time to think about buying a new HVAC system. If your costs to cool and heat your home are running too high, your system may not be working efficiently. Newer systems are much more energy efficient, which can help you to save money on your utility bills. R22, the refrigerant that was used in older HVAC systems, is currently being phased out because of environmental regulations. Replacing the R22 refrigerant in an older central air conditioning unit is also costly.

2. Excessive repairs and high utility bills

If you find that you are having to have your air conditioning system repaired frequently, it may be more cost-effective for you to purchase a new system than to continue spending money on repairs. If your utility bills have substantially increased, purchasing a new air conditioning system may help you to get them under control.

3. Dust and noise

if you notice that your air conditioning unit is very noisy, it might indicate that your central HVAC unit may have an indoor coil that is failing. Excessive noise might also indicate that the ductwork that you have is insufficient for the size of your home. If your home always is dusty despite cleaning, it is an indication that you have leaks in your ductwork. Leaky ductwork will make it more expensive to operate your HVAC unit and will make it work less efficiently.

4. Too much humidity

Central air conditioning systems are supposed to remove humidity from the inside of your home so that it will be more comfortable. If you notice that your home has too much humidity inside, your central air conditioning system is not working properly. You can obtain a repair estimate and determine whether it is worthwhile to make the repairs or to purchase new HVAC equipment.

5. Inconsistent cooling patterns

If you notice that your air conditioning system does not cool all of the areas of your home equally, it is not working correctly. Air conditioning systems are supposed to provide consistent temperatures throughout your home. You could have a system that needs repairs, or your system may be too small for the square footage of your home. If your system is too small, it can cause it to work too hard, be less efficient and break down much quicker than if you have a unit that is large enough for your home.

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