Your air conditioner is a complex apparatus, consisting of many different parts that can eventually wear out. With proper maintenance, however, an AC unit can last for many years. Older models are subject to such problems as worn-out electrical connections, faulty wiring, inoperable thermostats, or burned out compressor or blower motors. In most cases, these problems are easily corrected when the work is performed by a licensed, experienced heating and air conditioning repair technician.

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It’s important to keep your system in good running order, especially if it is an older unit. Besides the proper maintenance procedures you can complete yourself, it’s a good idea to have your system checked at least once every 12-24 months by a repair expert. Replacing the entire unit because of maintenance negligence is far more expensive than most repair operations. Some of the most common issues with older model air conditioners are explained below. These are easily repaired by an HVAC professional.

Loss Of Cooling Power

Your system’s refrigerant is what cools the circulated air. If your air conditioner is no longer producing chilled air, your refrigerant may be becoming weakened or you may have a leak in the refrigerant line. When the refrigerant sits idle for long periods of time during non-use, it can become sludged. This can cause a blockage in the smaller feed lines in and around the evaporator coils. If your coolant lines around the evaporator coils are becoming frosted over, it may be the result of blocked refrigerant flow.

A refrigerant leak occurs when an older piping system becomes corroded. A leak usually happens very quickly, with all of the refrigerant escaping within a period of minutes. If your system suddenly fails to produce cool air even when the blowers are working properly, you will likely have to have your system recharged with a new supply of refrigerant.

Clogged Or Worn Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils come into contact with the air being drawn in by the blower. This is where the heat in the air is transferred to the coolant. Older models are susceptible to evaporator coil problems, especially if the coils become clogged with dust, grit, or other airborne particles and hair.

It’s important to clean off both edges of the coil surfaces from time to time. Even when the filters are being replaced regularly, the coils still become coated with grit and grime. However, even when cleaned off on a regular schedule, the coils become coated on the inside. This requires a professional cleaning procedure, one that should be scheduled every one or two years.

Motor And Fan Problems

Most systems have two fans. One is the blower fan that is located beside or above the evaporator coils. This fan can become stuck if the shaft becomes knocked out of alignment or if the shaft is coated in grime. If the motor is whining but the fan is not turning, the motor itself may be wearing out.

The compressor fan is operated by a similar type motor. If the motor buzzes but does not operate the fan, the motor is probably burned out and needs to be replaced. However, the problem may be a worn out capacitor. The motor is connected to a jump-start capacitor that delivers additional amperage to get the motor shaft turning. You may need to call in the services of a professional to determine whether the problem is with the motor or the fan.

Dirty Filters And Air Ducts

The filters located near the evaporator coils should be replaced once every four to six weeks. If they become clogged, less air will transfer its heat to the coils, and the output pressure from the registers will be reduced significantly. In older systems, it is vitally important to have a professional clean out the ducts as well. This reduces blockage and also keeps the duct system free of harmful biological agents.

Faulty Thermostat

If the thermostat is more than 10 years old, it should be checked by a professional each time any other repair service is performed. Sometimes a faulty thermostat reads temperature incorrectly, which can lead to cycling of the system. It is recommended that the thermostat be replaced by a newer model that can more accurately measure actual room temperature. Newer models also have some high-tech features that allow for customizing the amount of work the system performs, which can save a lot of energy.

Get Professional Help

It’s best not to attempt any type of repair job unless you have the adequate training and experience required. We are a family-owned HVAC company with decades of combined experience in all types of system-related problems. We are NATE-certified and Bryant Factory authorized, and we promise complete satisfaction with each type of repair or replacement work we perform.