Programmable thermostats can save homeowners lots of money during the course of a year. They help reduce heating and cooling bills by maximizing the efficiency of heating and air conditioning units. People waste money when they leave the air or heat on full-blast when no one is home, when everyone’s asleep, or when only part of the home of a home is being used. Program your thermostat to start saving money on energy bills today.

How Programming Your AC Thermostat Saves You Money

A programmable thermostat lets you change the temperature of your home automatically six different times a day. They work on a preset schedule, and let you decide when you want to use more energy-efficient settings to save on your heating and cooling bills.

Program your AC Thermostat for Daytime

If you work during the day, program your thermostat to lower setting while you’re not home. That means your heater or air conditioning unit doesn’t have to work so hard while no one is in the house to enjoy it. You can set the time you want the house to return to optimal temperatures for about 15 to 20 minutes before you plan to get home. When you walk in the door, it will already be back to the temperature you prefer.

Setting Your AC Thermostat for Nights

You can also set the temperature to change itself by a few degrees while you sleep. If it gets too hot during certain parts of the summer months, you can always manually override the setting without messing up your programming. During cold weather, bundling up under covers usually means not needing to set the heat as high. You can program the thermostat to get the temperature just right for waking up and getting ready for work and then have it return to the more energy-efficient setting you use while you’re at work.

Cold Weather Settings

In the winter when it sometimes actually gets cooler than we would like in Florida, set your thermostat to about 68 degrees during hours when you’re home and awake, but set it for a lower temperature during hours when you know you’ll be away or asleep. That way, the house is warm when you need it to be, and no energy is wasted by heating it unnecessarily. It doesn’t cost extra to reheat the house each day using different settings for different times a day. Doing it saves you money.

Hot Weather Settings

During the long Florida summer, 78 degrees in the optimal energy-efficient setting to stay comfortable while you’re home. Set it a little higher during hours when you’ll be away, and program it to go back to 78 degrees about 15 minutes before you plan to be home. You won’t waste energy that way, but you also won’t come home to a house that’s too hot. That’s the beauty of having a programmable thermostat.

We are a family owned, full-service HVAC company, and we know how important it is to save on energy bills. We pride ourselves in helping our customers save money. Programmable thermostats are a great way to save all year long. We can even install or help program an AC thermostat. We are Bryant Factory Authorized, NATE certified experts with a personal stake in helping you with all your heating and cooling needs. That means helping you and your wallet stay comfortable all year long.

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