New Year’s Resolution- How Your A/C Promotes Weight Loss & Affects Your Health

1. Colder temperatures can activate brown fat, the type of fat that generates body heat. As temperatures drop below 77 degrees, your metabolism starts to rise. When brown fat is fully activated, it could result in 8.82 lbs lost per year.

2. Keeping a room cool keeps you alert with energy to stay busy and keep moving.

3. Sleeping in a cold room burns more belly fat. Part of what the survey discovered is that sleeping cold increases REM sleep. This can burn as much as 140 extra calories per night while sleeping. That’s as much as 14 pounds a year!

4. Having a proper IAQ filtration with your air conditioner running keeps the air filtered in your home, making a healthier environment. This keeps your body healthy and allows for your cells to regenerate accurately and promote weight loss.

5. Regulating the humidity in your home allows for you to keep your immune system in good working condition and provides for you to have the energy to workout and avoid illnesses and fatigue.

How Does Your Air Conditioner Affect Your Health

How Does Your Air Conditioner Effect Your Health