Now that you’ve made the decision to spend a little money on home improvement, it pays to determine what sort of changes are in order. One of the first elements you should consider is the condition of your windows. Many homeowners don’t realize what a difference new windows can make in terms of lowering the costs of heating and air conditioning. Here are some examples of what the right replacement windows will do for you now and in the years to come.

Home Improvements: How New Windows Will Lower Your Heating and Cooling Bills

Getting Rid of Defects that Allow Air Seepage

Take a good look at the condition of your current windows. Are there signs that some of the sashes are a little warped? Perhaps those sashes are a little loose and there’s a fair amount of air seeping in around them. You may even notice that the sashes no longer close all the way. Those tiny gaps at the top or bottom allow even more air to enter the home.

Remember it’s not just about the sashes. If you look around the window frame on the inside and the outside, there may be tiny cracks. Along with bringing down the appearance of your home, those cracks also allow more air to seep into the place.

New windows eliminate these issues and seal those points of seepage. Without those cracks and other defects, your heating and air conditioning system will not have to run as often in order to maintain the desired temperature and humidity level in your home. Since the unit doesn’t run as much, it consumes less energy. Lower energy consumption translates into a lower energy bill each month.

Addressing the Window Type as a Way to Save on the Utility Bill

While new windows of any kind will reduce the amount of energy your HVAC unit consumes, some designs will be more effective than others. For example, have you considered moving from single pane windows to double panes?

As the name implies, double pane windows use a set of two panes rather than relying on a single pane of glass. There’s a small space in between the two panes. Many designs include a clear gas in that space that serves as an insulating material. The gas is completely clear and will not obscure the ability to see out the window at all. What it will do is work with the two glass panes to create a solid barrier for heat transference.

When the summer heat and humidity is high, double panes significantly reduce the amount of heat transference that occurs. This is true even if you don’t have trees or awnings that help to partially deflect the direct sunlight streaming through those windows.

A contractor can help you identify which kind of window design is right for each area of the home. That same contractor can point out how easy it would be to install double panes in any of those designs. Rest assured that the double panes will not detract from the curb appeal of your home. In fact, most people will not even notice the difference in terms of looks. Only you will know that the additional layering is one of the reasons why it’s so much easier to control the indoor temperature.

How Much of a Difference Will New Windows Make?

Several factors influence how much savings you will experience with the energy bills. The number and size of the new windows will have some impact. Where those windows are placed also make a difference.

For example, think about which of your outer walls receive the most direct sunlight and how many windows are part of the wall designs. More windows mean more opportunity to heat transference. By choosing to go with a pane type and a window design that provides more insulation for that wall, you reduce the rate of transference and save more money on utility costs.

While it’s difficult to come up with specific figures that apply to every window replacement project, it’s not unreasonable to expect a savings of anywhere between 25% and 52% on your monthly electricity bill. Assuming that your savings are on the low end, that could mean the $5,000.00 you normally spend each year on electricity would be reduced to $3,750.00. In five to seven years, those new windows could offset enough of the pre-replacement energy expense to pay for this part of your home improvement project.

There is no doubt that new windows will make a difference in the cost of heating and cooling your home. What remains to be determined is how much of a savings will occur. Contact a professional today and arrange for a full window inspection. Talk with the contractor about different window designs and which ones would offer the most in terms of reducing your energy costs. It won’t take long to identify a design that makes it easier to control the temperature inside, reduces your monthly utility bill, and improves the curb appeal of your house.