A common question that homeowners in Venice and surrounding areas have is if air purifiers actually work. Some HVAC companies offer air purifier installation and maintenance service and homeowners who are concerned about the state of their home’s indoor air quality may be ready to install a new air purifier in their home. With a closer look at what these models can do for your home, you may be able to make a thoughtful and informed decision that is in your best interests.

What Does an Air Purifier Do?
There are several different models of air purifiers that are available on the market today, and there are several different ways that these systems work. A common method found in many systems is for air to circulate through the system. As it passes over the system, the dust, mold spores, and other debris in the air is extracted by an electrostatic charge created by plates inside the system. In this manner, the air that passes through the system is actually cleaner than the air that is going into it. Other models work in a similar way, and most air purifiers are effective at removing particulates from the air as they state they do.

Why They Are Not Completely Helpful?
While air purifiers are effective at removing many particulates from the air, the fact is that they may not remove all of the particulates that most commonly impact the health of you and your loved ones. For example, some particulates that cause allergies actually do not float in the air, and this is due to the weight of those molecules. Many people are allergic to numerous triggers rather than just a few, and many of these triggers are found on the floors, furnishings and other items inside the home. Because of this, these particulates will rarely ever reach the air purifier. More than that, air purifiers typically must be cleaned out, and particulates that were captured by the air purifier may be freed back into the air during the cleaning process.

How Air Purifiers May Harm You?
As you can see, air purifiers are effective at cleaning the air, but they are not fully effective at cleaning your indoor environment in a manner that most believe that they do. More than that, the electrostatic charge in many air purifiers actually can create ozone. Ozone is a type of heavy oxygen that can be unhealthy to you and your family members when it remains inside a confined area like a home. In fact, the moderate health benefits provided by air purifiers through the removal of some particulates from the environment is often counteracted by the unhealthy impact that air purifiers create through the introduction of additional ozone in the home.

How an HVAC Company Can Help You?
If you are disheartened by the news you have received about the benefits of an air purifier, take heart that there are other options available. For example, introducing a HEPA air filtration system into the home can be effective. An HVAC service technician can inspect your HVAC system and your home, and he can inform you about the best course of action to take to improve your home’s indoor air. If an air purifier would benefit your home, the HVAC company can recommend the right model for your home and can provide you with installation service.

Indoor air quality is a concern shared by many in the local area, and there is a good reason for this. The air quality in some homes may actually be dirtier and more polluted than the air outside the home in some cases, and this can impact the health of you and your family. While air purifiers are one way to clean the air, there are other options that may be more affordable and more effective. Through a meeting with an HVAC technician, you can learn more about the superior options for improving the air that you breathe while at home.

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