When summer arrives and the hot Florida sun raises the air temperature, you turn on your air conditioner to improve your comfort and that of anyone else who lives in your home. If you have recently noticed problems with your air conditioner and don’t want to face the summer heat alone, taking action is vital. Learning about the most common issues people encounter is a step in the right direction.

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You will know what to expect and what to do about it after arming yourself with a few tips. You will also discover how a team of professionals can give you a hand, save you money and keep your air conditioner working well all summer. The team at Mahle Cool Air consists of caring and passionate individuals who strive to meet your needs each step of the way, giving you peace of mind. No matter the problem you have encountered, we will make it a thing of the past.

Refrigerant Leaks

An air conditioner that is leaking refrigerant could be the problem you are facing. Major leaks are noticeable when you know the red flags for which to look, but small leaks are often hard to detect. If your air conditioner generates air flow throughout your vents but does not provide cold air, low refrigerant could be to blame.

Some people don’t understand the issue and try to refill the coolant as a result. Doing so is a temporary solution that will work for a short period, but the problem will resurface in no time. If you want to move forward and achieve peace of mind, having a trained expert check your unit for signs of leaks or damage is an excellent step in the right direction.

Clogged Air Filter

Located in the air duct or blower compartment, your air filter plays a vital role in the quality of your indoor air. Its job is to filter dust and other particles from the air before it circulates throughout your home. What most people don’t realize is that air filters can only do their job for a limited time before they get clogged and need to be cleaned or replaced. A clogged air filter stops the cold air from entering your home, and the temperature of your house will go up as a result.

Damaged Thermostat

While you can face any one of the many air conditioning problems, some are more likely to occur than others. Some issues you encounter will require costly repair fees or service charges that can hurt your budget. Other issues, though, are much cheaper. If you are lucky, a broken thermostat could be to blame for the issues you have been facing. If the temperature of your home stays the same no matter the settings you use, you could have faulty wiring.

You might think trying to fix it without help is a good move that will save you money, but that path is not wise. Unless you have experience in this area, working with a professional is the only safe bet. A caring professional can come to your home and review your thermostat for the signs of trouble. Fixing a few wires or replacing the thermostat could be the solution for which you have been searching.

Damaged Fan

When you turn on your air conditioner to enjoy the benefits that it provides and don’t get the desired result, you might want to check your outdoor unit. You will often find that a broken or damaged fan is stopping you from cooling your home to the desired temperature. Old units can experience this problem for many reasons, but new models are not immune to the threat.

A damaged motor is sometimes at fault when your fan won’t turn on or spin fast enough to push cold air into your home. In other cases, you might discover that a shorted wire is the source of your trouble. Running your air conditioner when the fan is not fully operational can cause other problems you won’t always expect. Disable your unit and call an expert if you notice this problem, and you will be glad you did.

Being Proactive

If you are like other people who want to survive the Florida heat, you accidentally wait too long to inspect and maintain your air conditioner. No matter the problem at hand, spotting it in the early stages is the key to avoiding unneeded complications.

You should have an expert inspect your unit once in the fall and again in the spring of each year if you would like to enjoy the best possible results. This process brings issues to your attention before they have time to get worse than they already are, and your budget will thank you. If your mission is to get the most from your air conditioner and to keep it in great shape for years to come, opting for routine maintenance will do the trick.

Getting Started

If you are currently facing air conditioner problems or would like to prevent them from occurring in the first place, we are here to help. The kind, caring staff at Mahle Cool Air will come to the rescue and provide assistance when you need it the most. Our family-owned business operates locally and cares about each member of the community, and that is why we operate with transparency and integrity at all times, treating our clients like family. If you are ready to get started, you can pick up your phone and give us a call right away.